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Harmonizing Holistic Leadership

“You can not beat me, because I want you to win too” – said every holistic leader. 


Leadership is not about competition, it's about guiding with graceful confidence. It's this philosophy, whether at home or work, that makes leaders AND their teams WINNERS.


Former hospitality executives, myself & Jill Cerutti, bring you over 50 years of corporate management experience to show you just how amazing your life and career can be when you infuse holistic energy tools into every day corporate life.

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Are you in a leadership role within your life?

At home?

In your Career? 

As a business owner? 

Within your community?


Does this sound like you?

Are you ready to UPLEVEL your growth, both professionally & personally?

Are you ready to VENTURE out on your skinny branch?

Are you ready to LEAD with passion, embracing the gifts that make you, you, while encouraging others to do the same?

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Then Harmonizing Holistic Leadership is for YOU!


How would you feel to surround yourself with like minded individuals, that embrace a well balanced lifestyle is one where you lead from a balanced mind, a balanced body & a balanced soul?

Jill and I extend our invitation for you to join us in a six-week group journey, where we incorporate holistic leadership principles into your daily routine.

Over the course of these six weeks, you'll be part of a community of individuals who share similar interests, and together, we will:


Diving deeper into the concept of authenticity in leadership and its impact on employee/client engagement & organizational success.


Learn techniques to cultivate self-awareness and presence as a leader, allowing you to lead with confidence and integrity.


Identify & explore energetic blocks that may be hindering your career growth & leadership potential.

Experience energy healing practices to release stress, anxiety & limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.


Develop resilience and adaptability as essential leadership skills in today's fast-paced and unpredictable business landscape. Explore mindfulness and emotional intelligence practices that will enhance your ability to navigate change and uncertainty with graceful confidence.


Living as a holistic leader, guiding others as you lead with passion, integrity & purpose.


Weekly Group Call:

Come together as a group for 60 minutes weekly, sharing practices and activities to support your growth as a holistic leader.


Replays are available if you are not able to attend live.

Group Support Container:

Group communication via Slack where we will celebrate wins, work though challenges, share best practices and support each other as you journey through the program.

Ongoing Support After Program:

6-weeks of continued mentorship from Gina & Jill via Slack as you continue to integrate.

Welcome Gift:

Each leader is welcomed into the program with a special gift containing items we will use throughout the course.

Weekly Messages:

Each week you will receive weekly messages to support your holistic journey. This includes journal prompts, and other holistic tools to integrate into your daily routine.

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Inaugural Group

Monday, June 3- Friday, July 19, 2024


(We will be taking the week of July 1 off to celebrate the 4th of July holiday)

Meet Your Facilitators

Gina Marie Leingang

Gina Marie Leingang, owner of Magic by Design HD is an intuitive energy healer specializing in working with individuals who want to understand the unique energy they were born with. She combines this knowledge with other holistic mediums to release the physical and theoretical stagnancy in our lives.


After 20+ years as a corporate executive in the hospitality industry, Gina was finally able to understand her own energetic blocks, listen to her heart, and become an intuitive energy healer.When we have balance of the mind, of the body and of the soul, we unlock the magic that we have within ourselves to create the path that is made exclusively for YOU!

Jill Cerutti

After three decades as a Hospitality Executive, navigating two marriages, three children, and two divorces, Jill embarked on a quest for her true purpose. Venturing into Life Coaching, and other holistic modalities, she discovered her calling. Drawn by an insatiable curiosity, delving deeper into self-discovery, driven to share her insights with others, helping make an impact.

Through Corporate Holistic Leadership and advanced energy modalities, she has developed a unique approach that impacts all areas of your life. Now guiding others to their next-level self, aligning you with your true potential.

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Embrace curiosity, unlock transformation, allowing us to embark on this journey together.

Image by Anna Kovaļova

Are you ready to...

UPLEVEL your growth, both professionally & personally?

VENTURE out on your skinny branch?

LEAD with passion, embracing the gifts that make you, you, while encouraging others to do the same?

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