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Unlock the magic within

Human Design, Energy Healing & Inspirational & Motivational Mindset Mentor with Gina Marie Leingang.

Gina Leingang Magic by Design HD

Welcome to Magic by Design HD

We always hear for success to come we need to have balance in mind, body & spirit…. We exercise our minds in our day-to-day lives, we exercise our body in different variations-running, walking, cycling, yoga etc…. how do we take care of and nurture our spirit?

At the age of 39 I was stuck in a rut, I needed more to my life, and I did not know how to achieve it. On my 39th birthday I made a list-40 things I wanted to accomplish before the age of 40. This list brought me on an unexpected journey that has led me to where I am today.

I was a mom, a wife, a corporate executive—I had all these titles and did not know who I was. I knew something was missing and by creating my list it has helped me find my true-life goal of being an energy healer. By going through this journey, I understand the importance of having the balance of THE mind, THE body & THE Spirit. 

Magic by Design offers several services to help you unlock the magic within, to nurture your core essence and create the balance that you crave.

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Human design with Gina Leingang

Understanding the design of your energy, what lights you up, your purpose, and how to use your energy best in every environment that you are in- work, family, friends etc.

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Working with your subconscious mind to release energetic blocks.  By releasing the energetic “baggage” we release the negative emotion or limiting belief that has become trapped and manifesting as a block in our everyday lives. 

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1:1 Personalized Program:
Unlock YOUR Magic!

8-week personalized program where we combine human design & energy rejuvenation modalities. 

Let go of who you think you should be & find the courage to be fully you. 


Discover your gifts within yourself to create the next version of YOU!


Identify what you really want and find the courage to go for it.


 Contact me for details to immerse yourself in your journey to Unlock YOUR Magic!


Client Love


I found Gina in a season of challenge, during my search for love and healing. While I did not understand my pull towards her, I immediately signed up for a couple of sessions.


I am so thankful to have followed that nudge.


Over the past two months, she has served as my healer, guide, HD expert, therapist, and even, wise friend. She is completely lovingly present and rooting for you through weeks of spiritual unraveling. She is understanding when you have life situations needing tending, while applying your unique HD lifeline design to help guide you through the darkness.


Gina holds the safe, spiritual space, and helps us to assess the places that we may have unconsciously blocked. After the time, I feel more balance, harmony, and peace. I am equipped with more tools to navigate the challenges in life.


My experience with her was both soulful, and, extremely joyful and fun. After working with her, I have found deeper union with myself, through my maze of light and dark

Alexandra R. 

Energy Healing Client

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Ready to Dive In?

Ready to learn and understand the unique energy that you were born with?


Learn your superpowers, all of the gifts that make you, YOU?! 

Ready to make space to welcome your dreams to reality?


To release the energetic "gunk" that is weighing you down?  Ready to release specific limiting beliefs, trapped emotions & ancestral/generational energy that has been being carried through your families lineage?! Then an Energy Release session is for you! 

Ready to embark on a journey, to learn who you truly are while releasing the energetic gunk along the way?! 


Ready to step out onto your skinny branch and take center stage in YOUR life?! Ready to join, my intimate 1:1 private program where we journey together as you learn the core being of what makes you, YOU, your purpose, your authenticity , your magic while releasing the energetic gunk along the way?!

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