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Energy Healing

Release energy that is no longer serving you through nourishing energy healing practices with Gina.


What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing—the best way for me to describe it is helping to bring balance to your mind, to your body and to your soul.


Everything is energy, we are energy. As we move through life, on our journeys we pick up energetic baggage that becomes lodged within our energy fields. This baggage can be a negative emotion, an absorbed emotion that is consumed along the way, even an inherited limiting belief that has been carried in your lineage for generations.


This baggage can create blocks and the blocks manifest into your daily life. Blocks can look like a limiting belief; feeling and believing that you are not good enough. A feeling of uncomfortableness, a creative block, a money block, a negative attitude when deep down you know that’s just not “you”. Blocks can also manifest into physical ailments, pain, or uncomfortableness within your physical body. During a session we work with your energy field to release blocks to help you continue the journey of your life!

Energy healing is simply releasing stagnant energy that can weigh us down, that can create blocks that manifest into our daily lives.


How it Works

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Establish your Goal

We will discuss what the goal that we want to achieve during the session—do you have a specific objective that you want to release emotions on or focus on overall balancing of the mind, body and soul. 


Meditation and Balance

Once we create the plan for the session, I will lead you into a short meditation to ground the mind, body and soul.


Release Trapped Emotions & Stagnant Energy

I will work as a channel as we work together to release emotions & beliefs that are no longer needed. There is no need to relive the emotion, we simply acknowledge and release. We will end the session with another short meditation to complete release of the emotions.

Energy Healing FAQs

  • How can Human Design help me?
    Human design will help you understand your gifts, your magic that you were born with. This energy, this road map will help you understand the core being of who you are. The amazing thing with human design is that your energy is your energy, once you understand what your gifts are, you can begin incorporating them into your everyday life. I believe that is truly where the magic happens. Your human design will help you understand not only your energy but how you best make decisions, your emotions, your fears, the list goes on. Once you understand your design this will naturally feed over to how you interact with others which in many cases you will see your relationships strengthen, all by strengthening the relationship with your own energy design! 
  • What will I learn about myself in a Human Design session?
    During an initial Human Design Session, you will learn what your energy type is, how you can use your energy to best make decisions, how your emotions are designed within your energy, and the special magic that makes you, you.
  • Do you offer Human Design readings for Groups or Teams?
    I have had several opportunities to bring human design into the corporate world. One example is I had a team of 8 executives meeting in Southern California all with very different energy. I was able to bring human design into their corporate retreat, teaching each of them not only about their energy, but the energy of their co-workers, and how to use each of their energy types to create an even more cohesive team then they already had. Gina did a session for the executive team during an off-site meeting. The information and insight she shared on each person was very helpful in learning how to engage with each person. Overall, she was able to point out motivating factors, hot buttons and demotivating factors. This really helped each of us to walk away with great insight. With the information Gina provided I have absolutely implemented what I learned. From a professional standpoint, I learned how to better communicate and get things done by focusing on how each viewed different obstacles and opportunities. From a personal perspective, I was able to understand how I view things is probably different than my husband or children. I was amazed on how accurate the information was and how captivating her presentation was. I would highly recommend this for any team or family. I walked away with great insights. -- Liz Uber, Senior Vice President of Operations, Aimbridge Hospitality Whether it is a group of 3 or a group of 10- I customize sessions to help your group dive into understanding their unique qualities as well as those they interact with. Group sessions are available virtually or in person. Groups are unique- just like you! Contact me to discuss the needs and your vision for your specific group session!
  • What does a typical Human Design session look like?
    For a session, all I need is your birthday- month, day, year, birth time, and birthplace- from there I pull your chart and go over the magic of your energy. Sessions are customizable to your needs. We go over your unique energy design, your strengths, needs, and particular strategies tailored to your design that will support you in your life. It is important to understand your energy first and then you can understand how you can best communicate with others and work side by side with their energy. I have packages available where we work together to first learn your energy and then begin to incorporate into your daily life. Contact me to learn more about your human design.
  • Are Human Design sessions offered online?
    Sessions are generally virtual; however, team-building group sessions in person is an option as well. Contact me for more information on creating your human design session for you or your team.
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Ready to let go of energy that doesn't serve you?

Book an energy healing session with Gina to get back into alignment with your true self.

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