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Human Design

Human Design helps us to discover who we truly are, where our gifts lie, and how to use our unique strategies to create the life we truly desire.


What is Human Design?

Human Design takes your birthday- month, day, year, your exact birth time, and your place of birth and calculates the image of the energy you were born with. 

There are 5 energy types within the human design system, which will provide a “road map” of your energy or what I call your magical gifts. Knowing your human design will help you use your energy in the best way for you.

From a chart not only can you learn about your energy, but the best way for you to make decisions, your emotions, your fears, your diet, and your senses. Each chart is different as it maps your specific energy. 

Human design is many times compared to the Myers- Briggs personality tests that many of us have taken with our employers. Human Design is more personal as it takes your specific birth information and showcases the gifts that you were born with, all the magic that creates who you truly are– I see it as science and art coming together.

Gina Leingang's Human Design Chart -

6/2 Emotional Generator

Gina Leingang Human Design Chart.jpg
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1:1 Sessions

The Process


Bring your Details

In preparation for your Human Design session, make sure to bring your:

  • Birth date

  • Birth place

  • Exact birth time*

*Birth time can be difficult to find for some. If this is true for you, bring what it is you know to the session.


The Reading

Using your details, I will create your unique Human Design chart. We will work together to go over your energy map to see your particular strengths, needs, and ways of being in the world.

We will also explore the strategies and methods that work well with your energy type, so that you can move forward in life in energetic alignment.



Now that you have the knowledge of your design type, it's time to put helpful strategies into practice and see the transformative changes that result.


I have several options available to support you as you practice new strategies and work towards staying in alignment with your unique design.

Group Sessions

Human Design for Groups

family on beach - human design for families

Human Design isn't just for individuals! It can be a very useful tool for understanding group dynamics, developing team-building strategies, and for helping us to understand how to work together.

I currently offer Human Design Group Sessions for couples, families, corporate teams, work groups, and really any group that is wanting to dive into how Human Design can help them relate in healthier, more effective ways that highlight the strengths of each individual, allowing for effective co-creation and balance in group dynamics.

Our virtual team human design session was so enlightening and gave our team the ability to understand each other in a deeper way. Gina is an incredible facilitator. We are talking about it during our meetings and have changed how we ask each other for information. We are using the concepts we learned to be a more cohesive team. That even our more skeptical team members were amazed at how 'real' this was and how it applied to them.

-- Cindy Novotny, Owner, Master Connection Associates

Family Human Design Example

Here's an example of a family's human design chart. Each chart and its information shows the strengths of each family member, and what strategies work best for them in relation to one another.


Gina Leingang Human Design Chart 2.png

Emotional Generator

  • Needs choices

  • Easily adapts to environments

  • Experience emotions without a reason for them


Dad 6-2 Emotional Manifestor.jpg

Emotional Manifestor

  • Designed to begin projects

  • Needs to create his own path

  • Experience emotions without a reason for them

Using this information, I will help you understand the unique dynamics that exist within your family system, and what the best ways are to relate to one another according to each individual's unique design.


Sister 3-6 Non-Emotional Generator.jpg

Non-Emotional Generator

  • Needs alone time

  • The way she sees life is part of her magic

  • Others people’s emotions can affect her


Brother 5-2 Emotional Manifesting Generator.jpg

Emotional Manifesting Generator

  • Very capable- multi-tasking is one of his gifts

  • Best to commit to engagements close to event date

  • Experience emotions without a reason for them

See how human design can support your family or group dynamics

Human Design FAQs

  • How can Human Design help me?
    Human design will help you understand your gifts, your magic that you were born with. This energy, this road map will help you understand the core being of who you are. The amazing thing with human design is that your energy is your energy, once you understand what your gifts are, you can begin incorporating them into your everyday life. I believe that is truly where the magic happens. Your human design will help you understand not only your energy but how you best make decisions, your emotions, your fears, the list goes on. Once you understand your design this will naturally feed over to how you interact with others which in many cases you will see your relationships strengthen, all by strengthening the relationship with your own energy design! 
  • What will I learn about myself in a Human Design session?
    During an initial Human Design Session, you will learn what your energy type is, how you can use your energy to best make decisions, how your emotions are designed within your energy, and the special magic that makes you, you.
  • Do you offer Human Design readings for Groups or Teams?
    I have had several opportunities to bring human design into the corporate world. One example is I had a team of 8 executives meeting in Southern California all with very different energy. I was able to bring human design into their corporate retreat, teaching each of them not only about their energy, but the energy of their co-workers, and how to use each of their energy types to create an even more cohesive team then they already had. Gina did a session for the executive team during an off-site meeting. The information and insight she shared on each person was very helpful in learning how to engage with each person. Overall, she was able to point out motivating factors, hot buttons and demotivating factors. This really helped each of us to walk away with great insight. With the information Gina provided I have absolutely implemented what I learned. From a professional standpoint, I learned how to better communicate and get things done by focusing on how each viewed different obstacles and opportunities. From a personal perspective, I was able to understand how I view things is probably different than my husband or children. I was amazed on how accurate the information was and how captivating her presentation was. I would highly recommend this for any team or family. I walked away with great insights. -- Liz Uber, Senior Vice President of Operations, Aimbridge Hospitality Whether it is a group of 3 or a group of 10- I customize sessions to help your group dive into understanding their unique qualities as well as those they interact with. Group sessions are available virtually or in person. Groups are unique- just like you! Contact me to discuss the needs and your vision for your specific group session!
  • What does a typical Human Design session look like?
    For a session, all I need is your birthday- month, day, year, birth time, and birthplace- from there I pull your chart and go over the magic of your energy. Sessions are customizable to your needs. We go over your unique energy design, your strengths, needs, and particular strategies tailored to your design that will support you in your life. It is important to understand your energy first and then you can understand how you can best communicate with others and work side by side with their energy. I have packages available where we work together to first learn your energy and then begin to incorporate into your daily life. Contact me to learn more about your human design.
  • Are Human Design sessions offered online?
    Sessions are generally virtual; however, team-building group sessions in person is an option as well. Contact me for more information on creating your human design session for you or your team.
woman with lights human design gina leingang

Ready to dive in to your unique design?

Lets chat to discover your Human Design with Gina to get started!

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