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What is energy healing?

gina leingang energy healer

I was at my niece's 2nd birthday this weekend (btw she was born on 11/11 how magical is that?!) and I was catching up my sister's best friend. She asked me about human design and energy healing said she wanted to learn more about it because she was unfamiliar with it. That got me about I write an entry all about what exactly energy healing, energy work, what I like to call energy rejuvenation is!

Energy-- everything is energy. We are energy, the couch I am sitting on is made of energy. Take your hands, now rub your hands together back and forth...keep doing it...what do you feel? Warmth? Friction? Now take your hands and imagine there is a ball of energy between your hands, move your hands in and out...what does it feel like? Heaviness? Tingling? What do you feel? That is energy--everything is energy!

Magic by design HD Arizona Energy Healer

Now since everything is energy, let's take a look at ourselves, our physical bodies. We are made of energy, and everyone has an aura-- a presence of energy that surrounds us--- if you stand up and put your arms out that gives you a good idea of how far your energy goes out- think of your aura as your energy at arm's length all around you. Your aura is give or take a six-foot circle around your body (think about the 6-foot rule that we all lived during COVID-- a coincidence-- I think not!). Have you every stood next to someone and got a warm fuzzy feeling? or maybe you are next to someone, and you just get a feeling that you should not be there-- that is all stemmed from your energy and the other persons energy!

Lastly, let's look at our brains-- I like to think about our brain as a computer-- our brain logs EVERYTHING we do, we think, everything. 95% of our brain is our subconscious and 5% is our active brain that we use on a daily basis. Our subconscious logs everything- it does not have emotion it just logs, logs, logs. Our brains and our energies work together, and this is where the energy work comes into the world.

Energy work phoenix Gina Leingang

Energy is like a magnet; you know when you just feel pulled a certain way or to something or someone, that is your energy connecting with other energy. Sometimes negativity can get stuck within us--(negative emotions, limiting beliefs, generational & ancestral beliefs, emotions and limiting beliefs that we absorb from others.) This negativity can manifest in many different ways with our bodies-- a feeling of heaviness, a block, a feeling that you know what you want to accomplish but you can "feel" that something is blocking you that you cannot put your finger on. It can even manifest as physical pain in your body; migraines, back pain, etc....think about the word disease-- when you truly look at the word, it is dis- ease, there is dis-ease in your body, in your energy.

There are many different types of energy work-- one is not better than the other, it is truly what you are called to, energy healers are channels that help you locate and release that heaviness within your energy and simply works with you to release it. Energy work can be used as a tool in your everyday life as well as alongside care from your physician, therapist etc... it is here as a supplement to help you feel ease in your life-- assisting you with balance in your mind, your body and your soul.

In my specific sessions we begin with a short mediation together to relax and tune in to the energy to begin the session. We can do a general session for overall well-being or we can work on a specific block that's manifesting in your life. I act as a channel infusing reiki energy into each session as we go through and identify and release limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that are ready to be released. We do not consciously choose what will be released our subconscious knows what is ready based on what we are working on, that is what will come through in the session. We will identify the emotion or limiting belief, the age at which we trapped it, whether it was ours or someone else's that we absorbed or if it was generational or ancestral, each session will take on a journey of releasing (which is one of my favorite parts!) Each negative block we release, we then will introduce a positive affirmation to your energy-- think of it like you are digging into the soil, we put the shovel into the ground and removed the dirt that was no longer needed and replaced it with new soil that will nourish our garden. During a session the most common thing I hear is my clients feel a sense of peace and have an overall feeling of lightness about them. The even more magical part of energy work is what happens in the days and weeks after each session, seeing how releasing the negative beliefs that were stuck with in your energy effects your overall day to day life. We will close out the session with another short meditation sealing in the positive affirmations that we introduced, I will then pull a card from one of my decks for a message to complete the session.

The other thing I love about energy is that you do not need to be live for a session. Sometimes individuals do not wish to be on the phone for a session. The session would be exactly the same with the exception of being live on the phone I will connect in, work on what the client would like to work on and then email what was released with the positive affirmations were introduced. This type of session works best for individuals that have busy schedules, or simply do not wish to be on the phone and just want the benefits of the session.

children energy healing gina leingang

This is how I also do sessions on children. Children just like adults will trap the negative emotions just like adults do. One of my favorite sessions to do is to clear the emotions of a child as they entered this world. Think about being born-- it can be a scary process! I will use the example of my son-- I had a really rough birth with him, 19 hours of labor with 2 hours of active pushing which ended up in an emergency c-section. I actually had a fellow energy healer- Missy Energy Healing whom I adore do a session on him to clear is birth. He was 17 when I had this session for him-- she cleared emotions that he actually absorbed from me when he entered this world-- fear was one of the emotions. He has been carrying the heaviness of these emotions for the last 17 years! He was at school when she did the session and emailed me the results. I spoke to him hours later and he was just so happy and calm! My son has ADHD and anxiety, and I could immediately sense that there was something different about him-- he is actually one of the reasons I do what I do! I have since completed several sessions with him (a plus of having a mom that is an energy healer!) -- as he is a teenager, so we chat about the sessions, but he does not have an interest in what we release, he just likes the benefit on the calmness and confidence he has with the energy sessions! One of my favorite sessions was a month or so ago, I did a session on a mom as she had stress, she needed to release due to everyday life, we had our session, and I then did a session on her little girl who was having night terrors. After just one session her daughter was sleeping through the night without the terrors that she was having nightly!

I could write forever about energy, sessions, feedback, results... I am truly passionate about this work. It is truly my mission to help bring energy work mainstream-- make this a normality in our everyday life. What questions do you have about energy healing? Are you ready to experience an energy session? My calendar is updated, and I will be adding additional sessions for December! I would be honored to be a piece of your journey! Book your session at

Of course, I need a good quote to end this entry-- "Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you"-- Winfrey

xoxo Gina Marie

Gina leingang Magic by design HD

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