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How my children manifested a new dog- and how human design brought it all together!

Magic by Design HD Gina Leingang

We have always been a one dog family. It has been on both my children's vision boards for years to get a second dog. It was me that was always saying-- to have two dogs you need to show the responsibility of two dogs (even with teenagers this is a conversation I was having!), I kept saying when it was the right timing the right dog would enter our family. My daughter was getting quite antsy with this-- she would adopt every stray dog in our neighborhood if it was up to her-- I call her our dog whisperer, she just has such a special connection to dogs, well animals in general.

Arizona human design energy healing family human design

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago-- it was Senior night for my son's football team. My family traveled down from Flagstaff to watch Justin play in his last high school football game... this game was even more special because Justin is oldest of all the kids in the family--which means he is the first one graduating high school, first one to turn get the point... can I tell you the emotions that night brought for me-- we'll save that for another post! My sisters and their families come up, at some point during the game my sister got an idea that she was ready for another dog. When my sister gets an idea she runs with it, no questions asked (I actually really admire this quality about her!) I had no clue that night that she was in the stands, watching football as well as putting the pieces together to add another dog to her family.

The next day she facetimes me showing me her new puppy. Thats when she tells me the story on how this all came to fruition during the football game. We are actually going up to Flagstaff the next day for my niece's birthday so we would get to meet the newest addition to her family. I am lying on the couch and start talking to my husband. As I said we were already toying with an idea of another dog, it just has not been the right time... Kaitlyn was out with friends and I said, if we go to Flagstaff tomorrow and Kaitlyn meets her aunt's new dog, she is going to be so sad. Ryan gets the idea (perfectly aligned with him being a manifestor- initiating ideas) that I should get the number from my sister where she got her puppy to see if they had any left. I did and texted them, they got back to me and said the last one literally just left-- we just missed the opportunity. Again, I am going back to that it was not meant to be.

The next day we are in Flagstaff, we meet my sister's dog, she is super adorable. I am mingling at the party, when Ryan comes up to me with another dog opportunity. It was a litter of Aussiedoodles that were ready to find new homes. I was really set on having another small dog, but I was convinced that since this breed does not shed, I would be okay with the larger breed- my other must was a female, I preferred to have a female dog. (Again, in his very manifestor energy-- my husband found the dog and the breed, and I needed to decide if I would jump on his train to be on board with this idea). He gave me the number and I texted to get more information. After I texted, I looked more closely at the listing and the ad specifically stated that the puppies were males. I was bummed as I did not want to get my kids hopes up again, but the female was another big thing for me. The owners texted me back and said they had 1 female puppy (I was floored!) and she had someone interested in it but if we could come and see her today, we would have 1st dibs. I had to respond letting them know that we were 2 hours up north and we would not be able to see her until the next day. She said that the other people would be coming by later and if they did not take her, she would let me know. Again, I was a little bummed because I did not have control over our location. I said to myself, if it's meant to be it will be.

We are driving home that evening and I get a text saying the people no showed that were interested in the little girl puppy and if we were still interested. At that point we decided to tell the teenagers---We asked the kids if they would be interested in seeing a puppy the next morning-- with both of my kids needing to respond as Kaitlyn is a Generator and Justin is a Man-Gen. Both of them automatically said YES!! I set up the time for us to meet the puppy the next morning.

We get to the house promptly at 10-- ring the doorbell and nothing. I remember thinking, this is odd-- I check the address again, double check my texts to make sure I had the time right- all was correct. We stand in front of the door for a few minutes and nothing. We go back to the car where I was going to text them making sure I had the details correct. By this time Kaitlyn was in tears- she was frustrated and upset (even more so she was picking up on everyone else's emotions-as again this is a big piece of her chart) Justin is jumping from what if to what if again, he is also frustrated but its coming across differently but very in line with his Man-gen energy. That combines with Ryans manifestor energy- at that moment I could see he was getting angry because this was not the way this train was supposed to go. We are literally about to drive away, and the owner comes out of the house to usher us in-- talk about the universe coming to the rescue in the 11th hour! She completely apologizes, she was in the shower and lost track of time!

We come inside and get to meet both the dog parents and all of the puppies. The owner tells us that she was not supposed to have a girl available, her sister was going to take her and at the last minute decided not to, then the other people no showed which then opened her up to us. The little girl puppy was so sweet and automatically took a liking to Justin. Ryan was the one that opened up the conversation with the kids and asked them if they would like to make her a part of our family. Both kids responded with a big YES!

It has now been a little over a week with little miss Nova being a part of our family. Ryan had a list of names that he liked (again very in line with his manifestor energy) he now understands that both his kids and I need choices-- on the drive home he gave us the names he liked. The three of us all felt drawn to the name Nova-- which later I looked up the meaning and it says it's an astronomy meaning given to "bright stars that appear suddenly in

the sky and release powerful energy" -- this is 100% our little Nova- a bright star that suddenly appeared in our family at the exact right moment-- I call that divine timing!! I think adding Nova to our family was a great reminder for me about divine timing--- the universe will always give us what we desire--in the exact moment that you are ready for it. Two years, two years another dog was on my kids vision boards and that was manifested with the most adorable puppy at the exact right moment.

family human design manifestation arizona gina leingang

I will end with my most favorite quote of all time, it's so much my favorite I have a tattoo of it on my arm.... " The best is yet to come"

xoxo gina marie

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