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Intuition, we all have it, that voice inside ourselves that nudges us as we move through life. As we go through life, as we become more aware of that inner voice inside ourselves, the more we have the confidence to listen to our intuition in the moment without questioning it.

A little over a month ago I listened to my intuition, it made no sense in the moment, but as I look back, I see the full picture now and am so thankful that I did.

I was scheduled to fly to Dallas for a meeting, traveling is second nature for me. I love traveling, whether it is for work or for fun, I always get excited to board an airplane!

A note on human design really quick-- I get my best ideas on airplanes; I never knew why. I always thought it was crazy that I would get a great idea pop into my head on a plane. What I know now is in my human design blueprint I have a non-defined crown. One of the traits of an open crown center is you best get ideas in places where there are other people- planes, coffee shops etc. You don't have to talk to others simply being in their presences stimulates your creativity within your energy. Anytime I am hitting a creative block I will go and work in a public place so I can refresh my energy!

Anyhoo- back to my story! It is Monday morning, and I am packing for my flight, going through the motions. I keep getting this nudge, telling me not to get on the airplane, to cancel my flight. I am thinking this is odd, my flight is on time, I have flown to Dallas so many times, this is such a regular occurrence for me. I continue to pack, and I can feel the feeling again, telling me to stop packing and cancel my flight. At this point I my flight is STILL on time, I check the weather and there is a storm approaching Dallas, but it didn't seem like it was affecting my flight.

This feeling, this nudge was cool, calm, collected & subtle. It was not loud, or intense, it was just "there". I decide to follow the nudge and I cancelled my flight. In the moment I was thinking OMG why I am doing this, all signs point to its okay to go, but I just couldn't shake that feeling, that message not to fly.

Fast forward a few hours, the weather that I looked at in the morning approached Dallas earlier than expected and was already causing havoc on the state. The meeting that I was flying in for ended up being cancelled for everyone's safety. The cancelation did not come until hours later-- the meeting was cancelled when I would have been mid-flight. I would have landed, learned the meeting was cancelled and then would have been stuck in Dallas, stuck at the airport-- the majority of the flights were grounded because the ice was so bad. By listening to my intuition, the nudge telling me to stay home I was able to avoid what would have been a horrendous, stressful week.

We all have intuition, just like we all have intuitive gifts inside ourselves. All it takes is some practice to learn what they are and how to use them. Have you ever been driving home, and you decide to go another route that you never go only to find out that there was a huge traffic jam on your normal way home and you would have been stuck in traffic for hours? That nudge is YOUR intuition!

The biggest thing we need to remember is your intuition will always show up as a CALM, COOL, COLLECTED, SUBTLE voice, with the key being calm. It's just there nudging you in the correct direction- even if that direction makes no sense to you in the moment. If you are getting a feeling that is LOUD, feels like a fire drill, is chaotic, etc. that is more than likely your ego. Your ego can be loud, especially when there is an opportunity of change. Your ego wants to keep you safe in comfortability, and it thinks the louder it is the more of a chance you will listen to it.

Change means unknown, and the unknown has so many opportunities. Think of all the greatness that comes from following a path that you are not sure where it will lead but you just "know" that the journey will be one for the books! The ego is here to keep us safe, our ego for example tells us when it's safe to cross the street. Sometimes when I feel my ego going into overload, I speak to her, in a loving manner, thanking her for caring and letting her know that I am following my intuition and I just "know" that everything will be okay.

My quote to end this evening of course is about intuition-- " If you trust your intuition, nothing can ever go wrong-- worst case you learn a lesson, best case you find magic"

--Sarah Lewis

xoxo Gina Marie

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