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Lessons & Growth

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These last few days have been a woozy-- even when life gets intense, I always remember even in the hard times there is reason or a lesson within.

These last few days have been a reminder of that to me. I know that the energy is high in the world right now-- whether you are aware of it or not the solar eclipse, the new moon and mercury retrograde are all about to happen and when they do, we all feel it energetically.

As I reflect back on the storm I just weathered,

I am grateful for where I am on this journey. As I have communicated before, one of the driving factors for me to really dive deep into energy healing was my children--being able to help them weather the storms of their life. This last week both of my teens had storms, big ones. I remember being 16 & 18 and it was not easy-- wanting to be independent, but not fully ready for all the responsibility that comes from independency. I actually think being 16 & 18 now compared to when I experienced these ages are even more tough because of what our kids have today that we didn't... social media. Helping them navigate through teenage life with this added piece. As I looked back on the situations that they both experienced, it made me reflect on myself and how I show up to be their parent, their mom. Understanding their human design as well as my own helped me, help them get through their storms, in the most subtle ways possible.

Let's begin with my son, he is a defined emotion, manifesting generator, he lives in the moment he is in, he can only feel what he is feeling and not what others are feeling. By knowing this about him, how he is designed, I was able to talk him off his ledge, calm him down using words that I knew his energy would resonate with, not words that I would use for myself as I am a different energy type. From there I knew he needed a balancing and energy release; the world was chaotic around him, and he needed to regain the balance in his internal world. Between these two tools I was able to help him reground so he can continue on his path-- there is so much on the horizon for him, but that also comes with so much unknown. 5 more weeks of high school, graduation, his car breaking down, working a job while balancing school, friends, the list goes on.... helping him balance in the moment with his design helped him see the bigger picture.

For me as a mom, I also learned a lesson from this, which was releasing control. As a mom, I want to provide a life for my children that is filled with love and I do not want them to experience hurt. What I have learned and continue to have lessons pop up is for my children to grow, I need to realize that I cannot protect them from everything-- there are times when I could tell them something until I am blue in the face but it will not resonate until they experience it for themselves. This was a BIG lesson for me this week- I could see the path ahead for my son, but he needed to experience going the other way to realize that the other path was the way to get him to what he needed. This was HARD for me as mom, but it also taught me that I needed to TRUST that my son would figure it out and this is a process that he needs to grow as a person.

Literally, after my son's storm my daughter had her storm, which was so polar opposite but yet the message was still the same. My daughter is a non-defined emotional generator, as my son can only feel his emotions, my daughter not only feels what she feels she also picks up emotions from other people- a true empath. She was already feeling her feels, and it was being amplified with her also picking up on others' emotions. Knowing this about her that was the first piece of helping her, was to identify what emotions she was feeling that were truly hers and what emotions she picked up from the world around her that she could release because they were not hers. She also needed a balancing and energy release, which helped her bring her emotions in balance within herself.

In reflecting on both moments with both my children I reflected back on myself 3 years ago, 5 years ago with them. I was able to see that each of them were working through a situation and I was able to be that calm, cool, collected mom that they needed. I am designed like my son in regard to emotions, I can only feel what I am experiencing, but knowing that about myself I was able to separate my emotions in both situations to help them in the moment where they needed me the most. Don't get me wrong I also had my moments of reset after, where I cried and had a moment, which I gave myself grace for because I too needed a release and that not only okay but something not talked about-- we as parents, as mentors, as guardians are here to help the people we love most-- but in order for us to do so we must give ourselves the grace to refill our energy so we can continue being the light that we are.

After both storms--I decided I need a recharge day. As I live in the desert, I took Sunday to recharge with a road trip home to see my family for the day. My daughter came with me`, just the two of us, road trip, great music, family, the mountains, pine trees with a drive home through the red rocks of Sedona which is my happy place! On the 2-hour drive home, I got an urge to take another way home. I know well enough to listen to those urges. I am in the left lane getting ready to merge into the right lane to exit off the highway and the SUV one car in front of me begins rolling, rolling across both lanes of traffic, rolling onto the embankment, spinning and begins rolling back onto the highway. I immediately stop, so scared watching this all unfold before my eyes. The rolled SUV finally comes to a stop, I look over to my daughter as I am pulling over and say call 911! I jump out of the car and run over to the SUV to see how the car occupant(s) are. The car next to me also stopped and the car behind me- between the 3 vehicles we are calling 911- and approaching the vehicle to assess the situation. This is the piece I cannot wrap my head around yet-- approaching the car I could see that the airbags deployed and there was blood, a lot of blood. The driver was out and walking- I have no clue how he got out of the car, I was literally over to the vehicle seconds after the accident happened. My rational mind could not comprehend how there was enough time for him to somehow get out of this mangled vehicle. All that mattered in the moment and still to this moment as I am writing this, the driver, the sole occupant of the vehicle was alive. I have always believed in God, Angels, Guides but after experiencing this on Sunday my belief for them strengthened.... I have no clue how he escaped from that vehicle in the amount of time that he did- it brings me back to the saying that time is a manifestation of our reality- a second is how we measure a second, same with a minute so on. Between the good Samaritans that stopped we were able to help in the moment of what we could do. Once my daughter and I were back on the road again needless to say we were both processing the emotions that we experienced, and being so incredibly thankful that there was only 1 person in that car and he was coherent after, that no other cars were hit- which again I have no clue how that happened because the highway was experiencing heavy traffic. I was just so incredibly thankful that a bad situation was not worse.

Needless to say, by Monday, I was emotionally exhausted from the last few days of "storms". I am going a bit slower Monday morning, I let the dogs outside, and go to let them back in and my little dog is lying in the grass by my flowers and refuses to come in. She keeps looking at me barking once to get my attention. I could tell she was acting weird. I walk outside to see what she is up to and I find a small bird in the shadow

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of the flowers. The bird is sitting in the perfect position, not moving at all. My dog is being very calm around it just staring at the bird. I pick my dog up and bring her in the house and go back outside to look at the bird again. I am trying to figure out if the bird is alive I look at it and it blinks. That tells me its alive. I feel so sad for the bird, I had this feeling the bird was in some kind of shock. On a whim I get the idea to channel my reiki energy to the bird. Yes, I know this sounds weird, but my thought process was I give and receive reiki weekly, I have given my dogs reiki, why couldn't I give the bird reiki?! I stood at a distance and channeled reiki energy to the bird, I did this for about 5 minutes-- I got a feeling that I needed to see if there were any emotions that needed to be released. I went inside, released 2 emotions (one being shock) (and yes even wild animals have emotions) I walked back outside to check on the bird and she was gone! I was a bit baffled, but I knew deep down that the bird was now okay and flew away.

That brings us to today.... these last 5 days have been a lot, and I was questioning WHY-- why do we have to go through hard things? Why do we have to experience pain? What am I supposed to be learning through all of the pain that I saw and experienced these last 5 days?

I have come to the following conclusions:

  • I need to continue to RELEASE control and TRUST that everything is going to be okay.

  • That I am on the correct path of using my intuitive healing gifts to help others.

I wholeheartingly know that if I would have experienced what I experienced in these last 5 days a few years ago I would have handled it all so differently. Yes, these last 5 days were HARD but I know I have two amazing children that are finding their way in this world. I know I was meant to be their mom, to help them in the ways that I do and to be there for them as they learn to navigate this thing, we call life.

I know that the car accident we witnessed could have been so much worse, and it showed me once again that miracles do happen and that there are forces out there so much larger than all of us.

I know the bird showed me that energy is truly everywhere and everything. That when I lead with my heart, with the intention of helping with the vibration of love that anything is possible.

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We all go through storms, we all have moments that challenge us, that tests us, that make us think, why me?! Even though these storms are not easy, they are needed because once the clouds part, the sun shines and we continue to grow and evolve into the magical beings that we are.

My quote to end this entry is " You will not be the same after the storms of life; you will be stronger, wiser than ever before!" --Bryant McGill

xoxo gina marie

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