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Sedona-- teaching me the lesson of being present in the present moment.

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Sedona. It is one of my most favorite places in the whole entire world. I have lived most of my life in Arizona, specifically Northern Arizona, even from being a young child I have fond memories of going to Sedona, playing in Oak Creek, I knew even from a young age that there was something special about this place.

With now living in Phoenix, I will take every moment I can to escape for a few days up to this magical place. This last weekend my best friend, Morgan was visiting me from Minnesota, I have taken him to Sedona before but with him being here I had the perfect excuse to make a weekend in the red rocks!

We drove up Saturday morning, as I got off the main freeway onto the road that would take us into the Red Rocks there is something that shifts inside of me. I can feel the energy, no matter what type of mood I am in this place will shift me into happiness. We started the weekend with a little pampering at my favorite spa in Sedona- Namti. Best Sedona Spa | Massage | Facial | Energy Healing | Nail Salon ( I have been coming here for years, they not only have the classic spa offerings they also have energy healings as well. I decided to do something different- instead of the normal massage I usually receive I was called to trying a craniosacral therapy. This service you are fully clothed, the therapist begins with your head and places very light pressure on different areas of your head, neck and other areas of your body. There were sometimes during the therapy that I did not even know I had light touch on me. This therapy in a way resets your body and releases heaviness and trauma that you may have stored from previous happenings in your life. I can tell you that I felt AMAZING after this session even though the touch was so light there was definitely something different about me, it was almost to the sense that I felt lighter. We finished our spa day with a relaxing facial-- where I swear this treatment was SO relaxing, I think I fell asleep! I made a note to myself that I need to find a craniosacral therapy in Phoenix-- if anyone has recommendations, please let me know!

After the spa we grabbed some lunch- at my favorite deli Hilltop deli sedona - Beer, Subs, Burgers and More! Their turkey, cream cheese, avocado & sprouts sandwich is my absolute favorite! Stopped at the grocery store for food for the next few days and headed into the Village of Oak Creek to our Airbnb. Usually when I go to Sedona, I stay at Junipine Resort in Oak Creek Canyon- they have creek houses that are nestled on the creek complete with a hot tub on the deck. For this trip we decided to do something different and rent a house. I found this house on Airbnb, it was a listing that just became active and did not have any reviews. Usually, I would not have booked a place with no reviews however there was something special about this place, I could just feel the energy and I knew that this was where we needed to stay. I loved that this house was not in the hustle and bustle of Sedona it was located in the quiet community of the Village of Oak Creek. It took us a good 10 minutes from turning off the main road to reach the house-- it was almost to the end of the street literally located at the base of the red rocks. The house was GEORGOUS-- I walked in and could not believe that this was where we were staying for the next few days. The best part was actually not the house it was the garden area outside-- a built in chimenea, beautiful and serene trees and flowers in the garden and a hot hub! We immediately put on our suits and sat in the hot tub, Morgan cooked us a delicious salmon dinner and we sat out by the fire. It was at that moment the lesson of presence started coming to fruition--but looking back I did not realize it. I now know looking back, sitting outside at the firepit in silence with my best friend was something that I needed in that moment. It was one of those moments where you do not need to talk just to talk it was just nice to be there, in the moment enjoying each other's company. We went to sleep early that night-- as we have a 5 AM wake up for a sunrise hike to my favorite place- the airport vortex.

5 AM wakeup call came super-fast-- I had crazy dreams the night before, so I was definitely groggy when I woke up. Morgan already had two cups of coffee ready for us, we were out the door ready for the drive to the hike. Airport Vortex I accidently found on a trip to Sedona about 5 years ago. It is actually at the base of the road that brings you to the tiny Sedona Airport. At the top of that mesa is a great look out point that you can drive right up to and get great views of the city. What is magical about this point is about 5 minutes before you get to the mesa there is a tiny parking lot at the base of the mesa. There are less then 10 spots and from there, there is a short but strenuous hike up the rock to the vortex. From this point the energy is super strong, and you get 360-degree views of the area. As I said parking is a challenge, but I set an intention that I am going to manifest a spot every time I go there-- which the universe never fails me! We arrive about 5:45 and there is 1 spot left-- THANK YOU UNIVERSE! We make the hike up and watch the sun rise to begin the day. I have been to this spot several times but have never experienced sunrise, it took my breath away. It was cold and windy, but the energy was so amazing up there. Just sitting there grounding myself on the red rocks watching as the universe uses the sky as a blank canvas to paint today's picture was perfect. We spend about an hour up at the vortex, hike down, grab some more coffee and make out way back to the house.

There is something about waking up early that makes you appreciate the day as a whole-- I remember this day was probably one of the longest days I have experienced in a long time. I soaked up every moment of it. It was late morning, I decided to sit out in the garden to mediate and journal. I am on the verge of my next manifestation, and I needed some clarity around next steps, so I knew this was the place to allow my thoughts to flow. I mediated, then journaled for a while and I get an idea to pull out my oracle cards. I love my cards; I have several decks and it is a way that I channel guidance and thoughts from the universe. I was super content in the moment and decided to ask the cards what I needed in this present moment. I shuffled the cards and this beauty popped out. It was a tree with lots of houses coming out of it-- the message was A Tidy House-- Clarity & Organization. I was stumped at first...looking at the card going okay, what does this mean-- where do I need to organize. Then it hit me- I looked at the card and I looked at the tree in the garden and it mimicked the card. It was a beautiful tree with lots of little houses hanging from it. I just sat there in awe. The message that was coming through was the magical moments in our lives was living in the present moment.... I looked around I was sitting in the garden of one of the most beautiful houses on a trip with my best friend who lives over 1,000 miles from me... I had everything I needed in this present moment, not stressing about what's to come, not overanalyzing the past. Just being here and now.

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I have a tendency to overanalyze, to stress about things that are out of my control-- this was my reminder that I need to surrender, TRUST that the path is being illuminated exactly as it should be and to live by the mantra "if it is out of my control then it is out of my mind". I know it's easier said than done-- but that's where we need to give ourselves grace when we do and come back to the mantra-- if it's out of my control then it is out of my mind. Since that day in the garden, I have really taken these pieces to heart, checking in with myself making sure that I am in the present moment and when I am feeling anxious about something to repeat in my head-- if it's out of my control it is out of my mind.

The rest of the visit to Sedona was perfect, it was all about spending time with my best friend. As we drove back to Phoenix, and it was the time for me to drop him off at the airport, I think this was the first time ever that I did not cry when we gave each other that last hug goodbye. I think it was because I knew that we would see each other again, even though we do not have any trips scheduled and we still live 1,000 miles apart I know that this relationship is a piece of my journey and I have no doubt that we will be together again before I know it-- just like I know Amazon is going to deliver that package I ordered. It's all about trust and divine timing.

My quote to end this entry is one of the present moment: "Learning to live in the present moment is part of the path of joy" --Sarah Ban Breathnach

I have my availability up for November-- snag your date now for your human design or energy healing session.

xoxo Gina Marie

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