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A manifestation coming to life!

Hi! I am Gina, and I cannot tell you the excitement that is running through me as I am writing this first blog post!! I have been on this journey for the last 3 years that have brought me to this day. It all started with a simple list of 40 things that I wanted to accomplish before I was 40 years old. I never would have guessed in over a million years that, that list would bring me to this day, TODAY! I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and this is the perfect example of that!

Let's begin with who I am and how this list came to life! In August 2019, I had just turned 39 and I had created a list of things that I wanted to accomplish before I hit the big 4-0. There were all sorts of things on this list, from taking a vitamin every day, to getting another tattoo, to reading 20 new books, to visiting a state I have not been to yet, to donating blood, to learning how to meditate, etc. This list continued to evolve me on what I would call “my hippiness” I was learning who I truly was and diving in headfirst to this journey we call life.


40 things to do before I am 40

1) take a vitamin everyday

2) get another tattoo

3) go to NYC again

4) travel to another country

5) visit a state that I have not been to yet

6) lie down in the 4 corners... being in 4 places at once

7) go to Horseshoe Bend

8) go to the right doctors and finally take care of myself

9) read 20 new books

10) change my look- hair color, style etc

11) do a boudoir photo shoot

12) take a hot air balloon ride

13) see a Broadway play

14) go to the Dirty Dancing Lodge

15) not be afraid to tell people how I feel about them

16) get a will- make sure my kids will be okay if something happens to me

17) make a difference in someone’s life

18) completely disconnect for a people, no electronics

19) find a true way to be happy

20) donate blood

21) love somebody deeply from the bottom of my soul. Tell them

22) go skinny dipping

23) learn to love myself- flaws and all

24) to have at least 3 months of income in my savings

25) dance in the rain

26) watch the sunrise and the sun set in the same day

27) leave a 100% tip for a server

28) redesign my bedroom

29) print photos

30) learn how to meditate

31) take care of myself- physically, mentally, emotionally

32) start a blog

33) get my palm read

34) spend all day at a spa

35) take a sister’s trip

36) get my credit score over 800

37) own a piece of Tiffany jewelry

38) finally have a drink out of a pineapple

39) use my happiness jar every day

40) celebrate turning 40 with an epic trip with the people I love

Through this list, life has brought us to today. I knew at 39 years old that something was missing, I did not know what that something was. I was a wife, a mom, I had a great career as an executive in the hospitality industry, but I was missing my spark, that thing that just lights you up. Through some of the most challenging times with my family, specifically my children I found human design. Learning about the energy that makes each of us unique was lifechanging for me. As is started making changes in my life and living more in line with the design in my energy I noticed that my life started changing, it helped me trust the path that was unfolding in front of me even though I could not see it all, I knew that this was the path to something greater, to that "thing" that I was missing.

Today, September 28, 2022, my website; is LIVE!

This is such a monumental step forward for my business-- it is my mission to help incorporate human design and energy rejuvenation as a normality in everyday life. Follow along with me as my journey continues to unfold---- my vision for this blog is to talk about human design, energy rejuvenation, manifestation, and everything else that I come across on this beautiful journey.

I will always end each post with a quote--- Today is from one of my most favorite songs, and it felt fitting for today-- "Live your life with arms wide open. Today is where your book begins. The rest is still unwritten" -- Natasha Bedingfield

xoxo Gina Marie

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