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A new era

I know, I know it's been a hot second since I have written. I am a firm believer of writing when it feels right. I love to write, and I love to share my experiences, as I know somewhere my words helps someone else, just like so many words I read help me.

I actually have 3 different things that I want to write about, and decided to begin with this one and see where it leads. 2023, what a year. I will be completely honest; this was probably one of the hardest years I have had in a while. Even though BIG things happened in 2023, aka I quit my 6-figure corporate career to follow my heart, my youngest turning 16, my oldest graduating high school just to name a few, there was ALOT of growing pains which in my case likes to come in tears LOL!

Every year I set a theme for the year, what I want to embody for the year-- 2023 my words were FREEDOM and BEING SEEN. I can 100% say that 2023 delivered those feelings. The sense of freedom I felt when I submitted my resignation in February 2023. The way I felt seen when I hit a huge revenue goal for the business in August 2023, which made me feel so seen as an intuitive energy healer.

With those words also came two more words that I found that I needed as 2023 was unfolding: SURRENDER and TRUST-- those words, two simple words caused a lot of tears. What these words showed me this last year was that the more you hold on to control the more the universe is going to show up and show you that you need to release that control. It also showed me that you need to experience both sides of emotions, we need the lows to balance out the highs. By having both we fully know and can embrace the beauty of this thing we call life.

By the time we hit December I was ready to say goodbye to 2023. I needed a new start, a new beginning, fresh energy. Yes, I know that I can do this anytime of the year, but honestly there is something special about setting yourself up for the next year. BTW needing newness is in my human design chart-- so I know that starting new "things" is really good for my personal energy!

Anyways, I had this idea that I wanted to end 2023 and begin 2024 in a different location. Travel is a piece of me, and part of the freedom I received from 2023 was traveling on my terms. I was set in manifesting a trip for my family to end the year/begin the next. And guess what?!?! The trip happened, but it was the lessons/hardship/blessings within the trip that really made me refocus my entire outlook on life.

Planning the trip started out rocky, I had this inkling that I was trying to force something that wasn't ready to manifest-- this showed up as unexpected expenses showing up, a beautiful location that the flight cost literally changed as I was booking the tickets, to a loved one being admitted into the hospital. But when I get an idea in my head, I want to make it happen, even though I know better than to force it. Trip idea #1 went out the window and trip 2 manifested, a trip beginning in Northern California with a stop in Southern California before heading home. Even though I had been to CA a million times as in the corporate world I was either in NorCal or SoCal 2-3 times a month, I thought it would be fun to go as a "tourist". My kids have never been to NorCal, which was someplace I wanted them to experience, and then a quick plane ride down to SoCal to spend a day at Universal Studios. Even though I am not a theme park person, my daughter is a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and her 13th birthday present was going to Harry Potter world. Unfortunately, her 13th birthday coincided with COVID shutting the world down in March 2020, so we never made it. This was my way of giving her the present she should have received 3 years ago!

This trip came together and there were good pieces to it, but so many "other" things happened on this trip solidified my new outlook going into 2024 and honestly my outlook on life. We were gone for 5 days, and Iike I said there were some really good things on this trip-- the ocean- this is such a resetting place for me. A trip to the redwood forest- this has been on my list, and I did not nearly get to spend enough time there, a must go back! Taking the ferry to Alcatraz Island at night, during a crazy rainstorm where we all got soaked, but laughed through the impeccable weather conditions. The laughs as I "coerced" my family on the Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica pier as we were there during one of the coldest days where the wind was creating the most gigantic waves.

I actually questioned if we should leave on the trip before, we even left, it was almost to the point that we almost turned the car around going to the airport. Something just didn't feel right, but we pushed though. Looking back on this, I see the lesson that I needed to learn on this trip which is setting me up to 2024. Just thinking about some of the hardships on this trip still brings me to tears, some of them still to raw to write about but I wanted to share the story because this trip guided me into 2024 with my two words: EASE & PLAY.

What 2023 showed me is yes, we truly can have anything that we desire-- but when we have the mindset that things are going to be "hard" or a "challenge"--- guess what we set that intention and the Universe delivers what we desire, but also gives us the "hard" the "challenges" because that what we EXPECTED!

Coming home from that trip I was exhausted, not the usual exhaustion that you can feel after a vacation, I felt low, down, burnt out, sick and tired of "trying". It was that next week, I kind of quit "lifeing" and was a hermit. In the middle of my hermiting, I had a revalation. I am over, throwing myself this little pity party that life has to be hard. I'm done. Over it. There is nothing that says that life has to be hard. This does not mean that we will not have obstacles to overcome, it means I was tired of fighting with life. There was the birth of my first word for 2024: EASE.

Instead of thinking everything needs to be "hard" this year I am welcoming in that everything I desire will come to me with EASE. What do I desire-- its honestly super simple. I desire that my life is filled with love. That everything that I do, that I welcome in, that I create is rooted in love. Love is one of the most powerful emotions, why can't I welcome in love with EASE? I desire abundance of all the good- love, wealth, health, peace, calm, happiness. Why can't I call in all of this with EASE? It was in that moment that I decided that I was no longer going to give any energy to HARD-- its reframing that to alignment. If something is wearing me down from a physical, mental or emotional standpoint then that is something that I do not need in my life. I am creating my life from a place of EASE. This does not mean that I will not put the effort in, nope, this means knowing the difference between forcing and controlling something and allowing alignment to come in.

Which brings me to my next word: PLAY. I had another revelation that I do not know how to "play". I have always been such a serious person, the oldest of 4, I had responsibilities, I had to please others, I have to work hard for my dreams. I don't have time to play, there is work to be done, people to take care of. I remember sitting with my journal on January 10 and just crying, I don't know how to play, I don't know how to just relax, I don't know how to just go with the flow, to do things that I want to, just because. I DONT KNOW HOW TO PLAY! I was always so envious of the people who could fly with not showing any care in the world-- how can I do that? There came the birth of word # 2: PLAY. This year I am embracing play and fun into my life- and I am welcoming these things with EASE.

I looked again at my human design chart, and things really started clicking--> when you look at a chart, the white centers are where you bring in from the outside world, the colored centers are will you bring from you. As you can see 90% of my chart is white--- > I am unconsciously carrying so much on my shoulders because I have the ability to feel so much of my surroundings. It's about showing up as who I authentically am and the more I embrace that, the more I make a difference in the world around me.

After I figured out my words to embrace for 2024 I wrote this in my journal:

" STOP being so serious and just play!!! Gina Marie ----> you need to play, have fun, enjoy. No holding back , just enjoy just play and have fun, whatever that looks like for you. The more fun you have the more success you will welcome into your life. ---> fun, fun, fun, play, ENJOY! Be a kid! Laugh until your sides hurt! Hug! Embrace life, live with no fear. Step outside your comfort zone. You are so so much fun Gina Marie, embrace it!"

It has only been a couple of weeks. of really embracing these words, but I am already beginning to feel a lighter energy. I am noticing when I release control, and just have the expectation that everything I desire will manifest it is like I have taken the pressure off of myself to make it happen. See this is what that trip taught me, I wanted it so bad, I put so much pressure on myself to make it happen and it did happen but with so many lessons.

To 2024: This is the year of EASE and PLAY--- I am so incredibly excited to be in a place of joy, a place of love, a place of coming home to me. I am continuously learning, growing, evolving--- we all are. I am constantly rooting myself into the energies of surprise and delight, each rooted in LOVE, with EASE & PLAY.

I invite you to ponder on this thought: What are you embracing for 2024? What is your "theme", your words for this year?

" Relax, ease back in your seats and let the music take you wherever it does." -- John Denver

xo, Gina Marie

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