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Emotions, we all have them, it is what makes us human. It allows us to feel, to love, as much as we love good emotions, we need sad emotions to help us realize the amazingness of the good, appreciate the good.

I have been completely infatuated with emotions within the work that I do. How as individuals we process emotions which that information is in our human design charts. When we unconsciously trap emotions how they manifest as blocks in our lives. How our emotions can show our shadows, our biggest fears and how we can turn them into our greatest assets. How other people's emotions affect us and how we affect other people. Lastly how emotions can be inherited from within our lineage as well as absorbed from the people around us.

human design arizona gina leingang

Let's begin with how our charts are designed in regard to emotions. When you look at your human design chart, our Solar Plexus center is our emotional center-- you can be either defined or undefined.

This beauty explains to us how we feel our emotions. Let's begin with defined-- in a chart of someone with defined emotions means that they do not have to have a reason for their emotions-- this means you can be happy just because and you can be sad just because. This is ME, ME, ME!

I can wake up happy, no reason, I can wake up sad, no reason. I have a subtle wave within my emotions (each defined emotional can have different waves) my wave in particular allows my emotions to change from moment to moment. I can be on top of the world one minute and crying the next, then happy and content the moment after that.

I used to HATE my emotions, I always thought I was super emotional, it was not until I learned that my emotions are part of my magic, that I learned how to embrace them and not beat myself up when I am having a down moment. I have learned that my emotions feed my passion, my personality, my uniqueness.

Another trait of defined emotions is other people's emotions will not affect you-- this means if someone is having a rough day, you can empathize with them, but your mood will not change just because they are experiencing a down emotion- individuals with defined emotions are great in situations where emotions are running high. They can be the shoulder to cry on but not absorb the emotions of others.

Individuals with non-defined emotions are true empaths, as they have the magic of feeling others' emotions. A non-defined emotional will ALWAYS have a reason to be happy or sad. This is my daughter, as she is non-defined. When she is having a moment, I will always ask her "do you know why you are sad?" for example. If she cannot pinpoint a reason for the sadness that means that the emotions are not hers and she needs to release them.

Non-defined emotional are true empaths as they can truly feel others feelings- what an amazing gift! With every gift, it is all about learning how to use your gift, so you can embrace your unique energy!

As a defined emotional, knowing my daughter is non-defined I am very cognizant of my emotions around her. Within our house 3 of us are defined emotionals and she is non-defined. Having her understand her gifts and really asking the question of "do I know why I am xxxxxx" helps her SO much. If she cannot pinpoint the why, it was an emotion that was picked up and not hers.

If you are mad, sad, angry etc. by all means feel the feels... we need these emotions to appreciate the good. In a non-defined emotionals case, if you are feeling the feels and it is not your emotion, then release it! When you have a reason for the mad, sad, angry then absolutely feel it, work through it, it is there for a reason!

My favorite story is with a girlfriend, her daughter is a non-emotional they were out and about shopping and having mother daughter time-- they decided they needed to go to Target, upon walking into the store her daughters mood completely changed, she was grumpy, her body language changed she no longer wanted to shop, she just wanted to go home. What ended up happening was she absorbed emotions from someone in the store and it completely changed her mood. Just with the simple asking of do you know why you are grumpy told the two that the emotions she was feeling were not hers!

energy healing emotions magic by design hd

Now that we understand the two different types of emotions within our human design chart lets look at trapped emotions. Emotions can become trapped in our auras even though we worked through the situation that caused the emotion. We can trap emotions from large traumas and heart breaks to small situations such as getting upset that a car cut you off while you were driving. These emotions can create blocks that are manifesting in your everyday life.

This is where energy work, I believe is so amazing, in a session we will begin on what the block is that you would like to work on. Through the path we uncover emotions that are trapped in your energy field, and we simply release them-- no need to relive the situation we simply acknowledge and release.

When we are in a session, emotions come up that are not necessarily ours, we can inherit emotions from our parents, some emotions can go back for many generations. We can get our eye colors from our parents, our hair color, did you know our parents can also give us their trapped emotions as well?!

magic by design hd gina leingang

Trapped emotions have the ability to go deep within a lineage of a family. If you think about it, life was very different for our parents, our grandparents, our great grandparents…. As they lived their lives emotions could become trapped in their energy, just like they can become trapped within ours. Even if they worked through the emotion, the heaviness, the stickiness can still stay. If that emotion was trapped before giving birth to you, you had a chance of inheriting it, just like you inherit physical qualities.

Your body understands the feeling of the emotion because you too have experienced it however it may feel a little off, and that's because the emotion is not yours! When we release inherited emotions we are breaking the pattern of that emotion within your lineage. That is so amazing because of the work YOU are doing on yourself, you are helping future generations of your linage to not have that heavy stagnant emotion given to them!

In a session this week we released inherited emotions around the block of “I am never going to be good enough” through the path of this session we released emotions that were attached to that block that has been carried for 5 generations! It was an amazing release to free the emotions that were attached to a belief that simply was not true!

Absorbed emotions just like inherited are emotions that are trapped within our energy however they are not ours. We can absorb emotions from anyone, just as anyone can absorb emotions from us.

A couple of examples of how we can absorb someone else’s emotions:

💜Someone we love lost someone or something and they are experiencing grief. That grief is so strong that it’s absorbed into our energy.

💜A mother birthing her child, the pain, fear, emotions are absorbed by the child entering this world

💜A coworker upset at something that happened at work

💜your partner going through a hardship and experiencing a plethora of emotions

The list can go on and on. We can absorb emotions from a heavy, emotional event as well as something that may not affect the person experiencing the emotion, but it affects you.

gina leingang

I had a really hard labor with my son. My water broke at 37 weeks, we went to the hospital, and I was only 1 cm dilatated. That began 19 hours of labor, 2 hours of active pushing which resulted in an emergency c-section. I had 3 attempts at an epidural, for some reason they did not work, which meant I felt EVERYTHING!

I was a mess during those long hours of labor, I don't think I have ever cussed so much than I did that day!

I remember being in so much pain that the nurses came in and told me they needed to shut my door because I was upsetting other women in labor. Anyone that knows me, knows I am not one of those loud in your face type of people- that day I was!

It finally got to the point of an emergency c-section, and I still do not have a lot of details as I was so exhausted. I remember the nurses saying I had a son, my response was "yay" and zonked out.

Fast forward to present day, that little boy, my little ginger is a full-grown man child- 18 years old, about to graduate high school and embark on his life. Justin has had anxiety since he was little. I was a new mom and had nothing to compare it to, he had anxiety to things that others could comprehend easily. He had night terrors beginning when he was a toddler and those carried on through his teenage years. He was diagnosed with ADHD in 1st grade and mild depression in his early teens. Justin has a HUGE heart and would give the person next to him the shirt off his back if they needed it. He is one of the main reasons that I am following the path that I am on because I knew deep down that there was something else out there that could help him-- he is such a sweet soul, and he does not deserve to have all of these negative feels.

gina leingang magic by design hd

As I was working with one of my healers, clearing my blocks I on a whim asked if she would have a session with my son. I briefly told her I wanted her to work on his anxiety-- at the time he was a junior in high school and his anxiety was peaking. She conducted 1 session on him and the change was remarkable, sessions on minors are done through email (not via telephone) --- remember everything is energy, that makes this possible.

He was calm cool and collected. I went over the notes that she sent me on what she cleared, and she cleared his birth. Justin absorbed so many emotions from me as I was in turmoil during his delivery, he absorbed the fear I had as I was going through that situation. Since the original session on clearing his birth his night terrors-which he still had as a teenager were gone. Justin has had several additional sessions with me (a plus on having your mom as an energy healer) and I can honestly say his anxiety is much more manageable, he is on track to graduate in the spring (this was iffy there for a moment!) and he was accepted to college-- something that is a HUGE accomplishment for him! It all goes back to everything is energy-- including EMOTIONS!

One of the best things about being human is the ability to experience the feel of emotions. I see human design & energy work as self-care on ourselves so we can continue to lead with our hearts and spread our own unique magic.

Are you interested in a human design or energy session?! Are you curious about your emotions?! There are several ways to work with me-- Human design sessions, Energy Healing sessions, Weekly Oracle Card Themes, Monthly Oracle Card Themes, &

my 1:1 8-week Container- Unlock YOUR Magic which incorporates all of the above!

Head over to to schedule today!

To end with a quote, I had to share one that has emotions in it- this one is from my FAVORITE author- Nicholas Sparks:

"Life, he realized, was much like a song. In the beginning there is mystery, in the end there is confirmation, but it's the middle where all the emotion resides to make the whole thing worthwhile."

xoxo Gina Marie

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