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It is all about signs!

magicbydesignhd gina leingang

Signs--- this is something that I have always held on to since I was a kid. I would always ask for a "sign" if something was "right". Thinking about it now I think it was a sense of validation for me that I was on the right path or making the right choice, that I knew that there was something bigger than me nudging me along reassuring me that my choices were the correct ones.

Fast forward to today-- through this journey I am on, I was called to work with a Shaman. One thing that I have learned as you are on this journey called life that everything happens in layers. You work on one layer, and you achieve some amazing manifestations, then some blocks appear, you work on those blocks, clear them, you are bringing up your vibration, another block appears, so on and so forth--you get the picture. In July I kept getting this nudge from my intuition that I needed to work with a Shaman-- this was not something that I had on my radar, so in my very typical self I did my research and found a Shaman here in Phoenix. I read her backstory and there was something so calm and healing about her I knew that she was the one I needed to see.

I have been on this journey for over 3 years, in my very typical human design 6/2 generator self I am one to experience things and then educate others on it. It has been this piece about me that has always excited me-- I received reiki treatments for over a year before I knew I wanted to practice this modality. I remember the drive over to the Shaman-- I was SO nervous; it was to the point that I almost turned the car around several times. I knew that this was my ego trying to keep me in my comfort zone. I gave myself a pep talk to calm my ego down and walked into my appointment.

Nicole ThunderHorse Healing | Reiki | Shamanism | Chicago | Phoenix was absolutely amazing, the calming energy that I felt when I researched her site was the exact energy I felt when I met her in person. We chatted through my journey so far and what I thought I needed to work on today. After we chatted, we began the shaman soul retrieval session-- again I had no clue what to expect. I laid down, closed my eyes and began transitioning into my meditative state. During the session I kept getting a reoccurring message-- You have to trust, just spread your wings and fly. After the session was complete, Nicole and I chatted-- she walked me through what she saw, and I told her about the message I received. She told me that she saw childhood me, childhood Gina. I was with my mom and there were flowers everywhere, I was young maybe 2 or 3 I was dancing among the flowers while my mom told me stories about the fairy's that lived among the flowers. I must have had a complete shocked look on my face because, this was something my mom and I did as a child-- she would always tell me stories about the fairy's that lived amongst the flowers. I had not thought about that for years. She also told me that I am at a very transformative time in my life, to look at myself as a butterfly-- I am in my cocoon, and I am ready to emerge as a butterfly. This went hand in hand with the message that I received-- just spread your wings and fly. Nicole told me to be aware of signs that they will be guiding me as my journey continues to unfold.

I left in complete awe; I really went into this session not knowing what to expect and I was honestly still trying to wrap my head around it all. That afternoon and the next day, I was extremely tired, I just embraced this piece knowing that it's my body's way of embracing the movement of energy.

Through the next couple of weeks, I just went along my day-to-day life. I think I had a larger sense of calmness about myself, I felt like I was going through life with a little more grace...then I started seeing the signs... with that grace that I was feeling, what I did not see at the time was my confidence was becoming stronger, I was listening to my gut and trusting my intuition with decisions. I had some pretty big decisions that were looming in the future. It was those kinds of decisions where you know what you "should" choose however that is not what you truly desire. I went back to my human design, as a generator I know that the decisions I make need to light me up, they need to make me happy. A common trait with generators is choosing the decision that will make others happy, even though it does not make you happy. I knew that if I chose the path of the looming decision that I "should" do it was not aligned with my energy as I could feel the dread in my stomach.

The butterfly tan line after my son's football game

I was still sitting on this decision; it was Friday night which means Friday night football in my house. My son is a senior and plays varsity football. We get to the game, and it starts pouring rain... the game is postponed to Saturday morning due to weather. We get up the next morning, watch my son's game and it is SO hot. I forgot what it was like to sit at a game Saturday morning in the full sun-- by the time the game was over I could not wait to go home and relax! I go and change into comfy clothes look into the bathroom mirror and to my surprise my skin was sun kissed, the lines of my tan had created a butterfly on my skin! I was so in awe; I have never seen this before and I was just baffled on what I was seeing. This solidified my decision, and I made the decision on my impending choice and chose to say no, I made the choice that was most aligned with me-- I made the choice of what lights me up--and not the choice that was the people pleasing choice.

Fast forward to the next week-- I am in my office, enjoying a cup of coffee--- I need cup number two, I pick up my cup to refill it, look inside and there is a perfect heart on the bottom of the cup-- I just sit there in awe. I don't know what to think. I mediated later that day on it, and it was yet another sign that I was doing the right thing by following my heart.

Fast forward to the weekend- we travel to Sedona to celebrate my son's 18th birthday-- we rented a creek house on Oak Creek Canyon, one of my most favorite places in the world. Each creek house is unique and has a guest book for guests to write about their stay-- I LOVE reading what people write! I open the book to a random page, and I see a hand drawn butterfly--- now I am going okay---- 3 signs in a row--- universe I see you and I am listening!

Throughout experiencing these signs, were my affirmation, my reassurance that I am exactly where I need to be on my journey. It is showing me to continue being confident in my choices, to make the choices that are best aligned for me. The more that I respond (another key generator takeaway!) to what lights me up the more opportunities are going to present themselves and that when I say no to something that does not light me up it truly does open the door for something magical for me to say YES to!

I am so incredibly excited for exactly where I am today, I am learning to live in the present moment, because I wholeheartedly understand now that this exact moment, we are in is creating that next future moment.

To end with a quote, I chose this one--- I thought it was fitting for today:

"be different-- you are not here to simply follow the crowds and do what everybody else is doing. No, you are here to create your own version of life, and then bring that vision to life. You are here to break away from normal, set new standards, shake things up. You are here to be yourself and be different. You are here to live out your wildest dreams and create your own reality. You are here to follow your unique passions because what you can do, no one else can" --- Walk the Earth

Xoxo Gina Marie

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