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Ending one chapter to open another

I know I know I have been super MIA from the blog....BUT do not worry and I am back AND I have SO much to share so the entries will be coming fast!!

It's been about 6 weeks from my last post which makes perfect sense because 6 weeks ago I made the biggest decision of my career-- I made a decision to follow my heart. 6 weeks ago, I submitted my resignation to a company that was the last 13 years of my life to pursue my passion, where my heart was leading me... to be an intuitive energy healer, human design reader, & inspirational & motivational mindset coach.

I started in the hospitality industry when I was 16 years old. I distinctly remember the day I interviewed at the Best Western Pony Soldier my hometown of Flagstaff. (Side note anyone that lives or has been through Flagstaff you will know this hotel from the giant horse in the front right on Route 66!). My mom drove me to the interview as I did not yet have my driver's license. I remember being so scared, so shy that I almost made my mom turn around and drive home because I was so scared. My mom gave me the pep talk that I needed and I walked in and interviewed. I got the job the very next day and that day was the day I fell in love with the hospitality industry. I grew up in a middle class family- 2 parents, 3 siblings which I am the oldest of the 4 of us---from such a young age I loved staying in a hotel, it was such a special treat to spend the night in a hotel and I could not believe I was actually working in a hotel-- I remember when I was working the evening shift and the desk was quiet I would read through the large Best Western directory, imagining all the places that I would someday travel to.

Fast forward to high school graduation-- I was still working in hotels, by that point I changed jobs and was working front desk at the brand-new Hilton Garden Inn that opened up in town. I began college at Northern Arizona University that fall as a nursing major. As much as I loved hotels, I wanted to be a nurse for as long as I could remember. I took a CNA class in high school and knew that I wanted to help others heal. Freshman semester of college I was struggling with the pre-reqs for nursing- specifically the math and science classes. 18-year-old me started freaking out and I quickly changed my major to Hotel Restaurant Management. Now looking back at it-- when you look at the word hospitality it begins with hospital---I think with both industries you need to have the compassion for others regardless of the industry.

Over the years I dabbled in various positions and hotels dancing back and forth between sales and operations, full service, select service and boutique hotels. This industry was providing me with the opportunity to see the world- one hotel, one city, one experience as a time. 13 years ago, I began with the company that I just gave my notice to-- at the time it was my dream position- Area Director of Sales for 2 beautiful brand new Marriotts in Flagstaff. This was my first Director of Sales position and my first position over two hotels. 4 years in this position gave me the opportunity to move to Austin to open 3 hotels in downtown, which has lead me to being a Vice President of Sales for the last 6 years. I have loved the hospitality industry, I still love this industry, but as we grow and evolve as humans so do our dreams.

When my daughter went through her leg lengthening surgery in 2020 I was in the middle of my VP role, by this point in my life I was learning more about myself and who I was evolving into. Looking back this was such a pivotal moment in this journey, the piece that I have always loved about my roles was helping, guiding and mentoring others. I always knew that I created bonds with others, but going through that piece was my first real sign that I was making an impact on others and others wanted to help and support me during a tough time. It was in that hotel room across the country where my daughter and I lived for 6 weeks was where my life began to change-- where my "work family" sent gifts every day of those 6 weeks to help put a smile on my child's face. Where I had a friend that encouraged me to sign up for a goal setting manifestation class to help keep my spirits up where I learned about human design.

As I was continuing to grow and evolve my teams around me were as well. One of the things I always talk about with the group is challenge yourself to go out on your skinny branch. This is something they would hear me stay continuously. As I began 2023, and I was looking at my emotions, my strengths, I thought to myself, I talk about skinny branches with my teams, is it time for me to walk out on mine and pursue what my heart was telling me? I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason-- the good, the challenging, we need them all. As I said I love the hospitality industry, I love my teams, the individuals that I was helping making a direct impact in their careers, but the job as a whole was no longer lighting me up. I know that being a generator in human design I create energy by doing what lights me up, I began looking at specifically what was lighting me up-- and it kept coming back to making an impact in others' lives, it was the PEOPLE. I then started looking at younger me, that girl that wanted to be a nurse, the girl that wanted to help and heal others. What I have learned 20 years later is you can help heal and help others in so many different ways including energy tools.

Being an intuitive energy healer, with an emphasis on releasing stagnant energy that are creating blocks in our lives and combining that with our human design- the blueprint of the energy that we were born with and finishing that up with being a motivational & inspirational mindset coach completely LIGHTS ME UP!! It is taking all the skills I have learned through all my years in the hospitality industry and combining it with my knowledge and skills of energy and intuition and then complete it with the sparkle that makes me, ME. I am able help others unlock the magic that makes them, THEM! I was in a session over the weekend, and it clicked for me that I am a channel to help others become... become what they desire, to follow their dreams, to unlock that beauty that is deep within.

So, Friday I said goodbye, goodbye to an industry I grew up in, goodbye to teams that I love and adore. Writing my goodbye email was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, I feel called to share it with all of you:

To my teams-

I am struggling with the words to express what I am feeling in my heart right now. I know some of you may be wondering why I cancelled my last call, but I just could not do it, I could not say goodbye in that capacity. Whether I have known you for 13 years or 13 days know that you have absolutely made an impact in my life, I am better because of each and every one of you.

Through these last 13 years we have created some amazing memories, celebrated some monumental successes, became stronger as we learned lessons we needed to learn, held each other’s hands as we ventured out onto our skinny branches. I knew from the moment my path crossed with each and every one of you that you were meant to be a piece of my journey in this thing call we call life.

THANK YOU, thank you for being you, for allowing me to be a piece of your journey, for trusting me, for encouraging me, you each have taught me so much. I would not have the strength or courage to embark on my next chapter if it wasn’t for everything that each of you gave to me.

I will leave you with this, I challenge you to continue to step out on your skinny branch, I know it can feel scary at times but sometimes we need scary to push us to the greatness that we are capable in achieving in this world. Lead with your heart, the world needs the sparkle that each of you have within yourselves. Lead with compassion, integrity, a sense of humor and most importantly love. Lastly, pursue what lights you up, what fuels your fire, because when you do, you sparkle, you shine, and you can achieve ANYTHING that you desire in this world.

Even though this work chapter is closing, my relationship chapter with each of you is not. I don’t need to say please keep in touch, because I know that we will.. my phone number stays the same. Please connect with me on social media- both on my personal & business accounts--- between the two you will get to see my love for sunsets, celebrating my teens growing up and creating their path mixed in with the sparkle and hippiness that makes me, ME!

I adore each and every one of you…. and always remember…. THE BEST IS YET TO Come!!!!

Gina Marie

The outpour of love that came from my teams, solidified that I am making the right choice, that when you follow your heart, lead with integrity that you can accomplish anything that you desire! This morning I woke up as a full-time entrepreneur, business owner, intuitive energy healer, human design reader & inspirational and motivational coach--- and it felt wonderful! I feel alive! I feel lit up and happy! I know you get what you put into things, I know that there will be days that I want to pull my hair out, but I also know that I am helping "normalize" the use of energy tools into our everyday lives, because it is needed, and I am honored that I have the opportunity to do this, one person, one path, one soul at a time!

Interested in working me with me? I would absolutely love to be a part of your journey-- I have so many ways that you can incorporate energy tools into your life--- below are a few ways--check out my website for the full list of ways we can work together.

  • Human Design, learning about the energy that you were born with, the energy that makes you, YOU

  • Energy sessions, releasing stagnant negative emotions & limiting beliefs that are manifesting as blocks in your life

  • Chakra balancing and clearing, clearing your chakras of stagnant energy, & cutting cords to help balance you in everyday life

  • Unlock YOUR Magic, 8-week program where we journey along your path as we intertwine your human design with energy healing modalities. Through this 8-week program you will learn how to best use the magic you were born with, as well as releasing energy that is no longer needed such as limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, generational & ancestral baggage, & more!

I have this saying that is framed in my bedroom, which I am going to end with today: “You can’t skip chapters. That’s not how life works. You have to read every line, meet every character. You won’t enjoy all of it. Hell, some chapters will make you cry for weeks. You will read things you don’t want to read, you will have moments when you don’t want the pages to end. But you have to keep going. Stories keep the world revolving. Live yours, don’t miss out.” — Courtney Peppernell


Gina Marie

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